honest biography.

October 20, 2012 § 2 Comments

i don’t know how to write a book
because the only plot i have is my own
and it is yet unfinished.
there is fiction but
my dreams escape me too quickly
before i can let them bleed on a page;
and so this is my dilemma,
i am caught between some kind of pending reality
and the definitive fantasy —
neither of which seem to satisfy my pen.


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§ 2 Responses to honest biography.

  • rush says:

    I know the feeling. But a dead man has never written a memoir and a memoir has never been made from more than memories, the latter of which is fiction anyway, because they’re never recalled in their entirety and anything seemingly so is a trick of nostalgia.

    A week of events is all anyone needs to plot the perfect book. A day of true events, embellished in the right places to make the half memories whole, is all you need to effectively illustrate a portion your life.

    In high school I wanted to write books so badly, but I constantly told myself that I hadn’t experienced enough at 16 to make that happen. Now, a significant portion of what I write about is inspired by the events of High School. Everything seems romantic in retrospect and exciting when foreshadowed. Right now is uninteresting. So I compromise by taking advantage of what’s already happened, and melding it with everything that could; that’s writing, that’s a book.

    I’m looking forward to the satisfaction that’ll eventually come from your own compromises with your pen.

    • nnekaayana says:

      thank you for this.

      most days i feel as though i have lived a thousand lives. but right now, i only seem to be able to make it as far as the short story. i lack the …focus… to stick to one plot, one narrative for as long as it takes to produce something i could even hope to squeeze into the category of The Novel. i have decided to aspire to The Anthology instead for the time being. you are exactly right, though. exactly right.

      i can’t wait to read your novel — this comment speaks volumes of its quality.

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