November 4, 2012 § 11 Comments

i slide out of tonight into my bed
close my eyes without washing my face
to keep some of my lies
i’ve already left most of my truth
on your fingertips

and i tried to fight
but you waited me out
you sat there, silently
as i worked to recalibrate my moral compass
configuring you
you were biding time.
but how could you have already known
the secret to my surrender?

deception was my only defense
you were so deliberate
as you proposed my emancipation:
closing my mouth,
kissing my defiance with your silence.

i was foolish to assume your ignorance
you started the revolution at my neck
so you could feel the last of my power recede.
by the time you had your hands on my honesty,
i couldn’t tell my heart from my mind.
conceding rationale for desire,
i gave you my white flag
as you took the reigns from time and
shaped a forever into the darkness.


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