in time.

November 11, 2012 § 9 Comments

five years from now

i’ll have a new piercing,
maybe my nose.
my hair’ll be wild and dark
maybe i’ll have given over completely to vice
so a joint won’t be too far from my finger tips and
the half-empty wine bottle will dangle from one of my hands
as i argue with the persistent philosophies

that’ll live on inside my head.

it’ll be night time, i’d have long lost my tolerance for
maybe i’ll be standing on a curb as the darkness ushers in
another morning.

my shirt will be too big but my bra will be pretty

i’m not sure what i’ll have surrendered my life to
chances are it’ll be my pen,
because it’ll have been the only one

to give me a chance

a shadow will block the yellow, forgiving light;

it’ll be you.

you’ll sit beside me
accepting my quiet graces when i hand you sin
& i’ll love you.
i’ll tip my head back,
swallowing tonight’s permissions
but i’ll love you.
you’ll leave after too long
but come back in time
to lock the door behind you
& i’ll love you.
i’ll be swaying,
determined to finish what i’d started
but you’ll coax the bottle out of my hand
and my defiance will fade because
i’ll love you.

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