dawson’s creek.

February 5, 2014 § Leave a comment

i remember the first night we met
when I tapped you on your shoulder, I was filled with adrenaline
like the kind you get before a fight;
i was made up of excitement and dread and rum
because i had seen you before so i already knew you were a paradox; but would you be mine?
looking like sex and good intentions and pain —
an undoing on two legs
when you struck me with your lightning it was like
i finally understood how permanence can overcome you in an instant.
the next morning I woke up in a love so sudden
i could only deny it
so i had to choke the three damning words down each time i buried my face in your neck
silently trying to figure out why the fuck you were so captivating
only moments ago i was bored with the entire human race
and here you come bleeding the same blood except with dimples
pulling smiles out of me like some kind of a responsibility
frighteningly human and irresistibly so
& i’m not religious but i’ll be damned if you are not a divine mercy
blessing me since you created this forever with my name at the top of a staircase


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