June 9 waltz.

June 27, 2014 § 5 Comments

Do not touch me with your hands
And dissolve my resolve
With your “but if i”‘s and
“I could”s
Because I’ve never seen a tiger change his stripes
And yours are as permanent as the letters on your fingers
that stain me each time they touch me
and so now my skin, too,
is riddled with your ink

let me stand here with my pride
i’d decided i’d rather let
distance grow between us
& time turn us into memories
so please
do not touch with me your hands
and dissolve my resolve
my feet are only firmly planted on the phantoms of the promises
i am furiously whispering to myself as you step closer

i am curious to see how you are wearing your sorry this time
so i look up
& tonight you are dripping with contrition
your apologies are a puddle at your feet
weakening my knees with the regret you have all over you
and here are your eyes
trying to negotiate a future
and i remember you
and all the shapes we make
so that when you reach towards me, i
step back because
do not touch me with your hands
and dissolve my resolve
because what is an apology the second time?
a lie.

but tonight you make my name sound like a prayer
and the reverence catches me off guard
the never catches in my throat
the air so heavy with mistakes and apprehension
please do not…;
please touch me.


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